Nougat (Single Bag)


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Dried Fruit Nougat

Original milk flavor

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Malt, water, sugar, trehalose, egg white, salt, Anga milk powder, Anga anhydrous cream, milk cream, almonds

net weight

100g ± 10g per bag

preservation method

It is recommended to keep refrigerated



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Because this product does not contain preservatives, the shelf life is 45 days. Due to the home delivery service, the commercial tasting period will be shortened by 2 days.

Delivery Area

The shipping area is limited to the main island of Taiwan.

Return matters

Due to the shelf life and hygiene considerations of the food, except that the product is damaged due to improper delivery when the product is delivered, it is defective or does not match the ordered item, the customer will not accept the return or exchange of the product after it is shipped.