Ambassador Classic Pineapple Cakes (10-Piece Box Set)


Looking for the ideal souvenir to take home? Pineapple cake is a favorite and the Ambassador Classic Pineapple Cake is no ordinary rendition.

The Ambassador pineapple cake, each individually wrapped, is made with carefully selected pineapples number 2 and 3 from Pingtung and diamond pineapples number 17 from Tainan Guanmiao. The result is a subtle, sophisticated combination of sweet, sour and fiber, with a mildly sour finish.

Pineapple cakes are considered an auspicious gift, as the pronunciation of pineapple in Taiwanese is the same as that for ‘prosperity arrives’. Give the gift of prosperity – order now!

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Packaging:Ten pieces

Ingredients:Pineapple, sugar, maltose, melon, butter, flour, milk powder, eggs, cheese powder, pineapple wine, agar powder

Net weight:55g each ± 2.75g

Storage:Keep in a cool place


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