Ambassador Beef With Noodles into the group of four (free cold storage bag)


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Free exquisite cold storage bag (worth NT$350)

It is rich in 12 kinds of golden secret Chinese medicinal materials, using fresh and tender American beef tendon, beef tendon, beef and fresh vegetables and precious medicinal materials, fusion and stew to taste, until the meat is soft and tender and releases rich gums. The soup has been inherited for more than 50 years. Method, using beef bones and old hens to simmer for 8 hours, and then the essence and beef marinade 1:1 fusion into a fragrant and non-spicy original soup, combined with the golden secret Chinese medicine powder to extract the Sichuan-flavored sauce , Upgraded to the unique and spicy five-star Sichuan-flavored beef noodle in the state guest.

1. Features:

(1) Hand-cut American beef-fresh and tender American beef, beef tendon, beef tendon and 12 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials are stewed until fully flavored

(2) Soup base-beef big bone and old hen simmered for 8 hours, boil until the bone marrow essence is completely released

(3) Noodles—smooth and Q-bomb ramen noodles that absorb Sichuan-flavored soup and are spicy, spicy and fragrant.

2. Specifications

Beef conditioning package (1pcs/box)
Weight: 520g ±15g
Ingredients: water, beef bone, beef, beef tendon, bean paste (red pepper, broad bean, salt, wheat flour), sweet noodle sauce (rice, soybean, salt), shallot, garlic, red pepper, onion, red oil (salad oil) , Butter, chili powder), soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), bean drum flour, sana slices, star anise, grass fruit, tender ginger, coriander, celery, cinnamon, white cardamom, refined salt, sugar, rice wine ( Rice, refined edible alcohol), bay leaf, black pepper
Noodle package (1pcs/box)
Weight: 190± 4.5%
Ingredients: flour, water, starch acetate, salt, potassium carbonate

3. Place of Origin: Taiwan

Beef Origin: United States

4. Storage method: cryopreservation

Shelf life: one year (see the package for the expiration date)

5. Delivery area: The delivery area is limited to the main island of Taiwan.

6. Return matters: Due to the shelf life and hygiene considerations, the food will not be returned or exchanged after the customer appreciates the product, except that it is damaged due to improper delivery when the product is delivered, is defective or does not match the ordered item.